Batteries & Smart Grids

We believe that the future of energy systems is decentralised – which means it will be much more democratic. Individuals and businesses will be using and generating their own electricity, buying and selling from each other, and be part of a system that incentivises everyone to help manage demands on the grid.

Ready, and soon to be ready

Key technologies to make this happen are already available on the market, including:

  • domestic battery storage systems
  • commercial scale batteries
  • devices that integrate heat and electricity provision

Electric vehicles will very soon be deployed at scale, adding huge storage capacity to the grid and playing a key role in our future electricity networks.

What is perhaps missing is the policy at the national and local levels, and associated electricity tariffs to encourage a flexible and dynamic market for storage and demand management. This is coming, and we are already seeing novel electricity tariffs and peer-to-peer models being developed.

Understanding your options

There are already some good options available, which may offer great return on investment for your organisation – but care is needed to understand these fully.

Joju is an independent company. We’re not wedded to any one storage technology or provider, and we are able to give you clear and impartial advice about the options available.

Joju’s Experience

Joju Solar have been installing battery systems since 2013 and have been involved in some of the earliest trials of this technology. In 2015, we were the installers for Project ERIC which incorporated batteries into 50 social housing units in Oxford. As such we are one of, if not the most, experienced installers in the country.

Ten years ago our Technical Director, Dr Chris Jardine worked for 5 years at Oxford University researching the integration of small scale renewables into electricity networks. This theoretical project showed we can run a 100% renewable electricity network, with balancing and storage provided at the small-scale distributed level. We are now seeing this type of approach being adopted in the real world.

Joju’s Offering

We can provide:

  • domestic battery storage from a range of manufacturers, including Tesla, Moixa, SMA, and Sonnen amongst others
  • devices to capture excess electricity from your solar system that would otherwise be exported to provide heat
  • commercial scale battery systems for commercial, community and public sector applications

With all the above, a sound technical solution is needed so that components work together to deliver what you are expecting.

We don’t do ‘hard sell’ at Joju and our engineers always prioritise offering sound advice for the best available option. With decades of experience in electrical components and system design Joju engineers have an acute awareness of the gap between real output and product claims based upon ‘ideal conditions’.

If we find a solution that works for you, our project managers will deliver a smooth installation, as well as comprehensive after-sales care.


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EV Charging Points

Electric Vehicles are set to play a huge part in our sustainable future. The likes of Tesla, BMW, Nissan Renault all have very popular electric vehicle offerings, and UK sales have increased from 3,500 in 2013 to 61,000 at the beginning of May 2016. European countries such as the Netherlands and Norway are mandating all cars should be electric by the middle of the next decade. This increase in the demand for electric vehicles will require improvements to the infrastructures of our cities and homes through the installation of EV charging points to accommodate the rise in electric vehicles, and to ensure people have mobility when they need it. Legislation and consumer expectations will drive these modifications to our cities.

At Joju we expect to see a steady growth in EV charging point installations, and as a result are using our extensive experience in specialist electric installations to offer EV charging installation to homeowners, developers and local councils.

Please do not hesitate to contact us If you would like discuss EV charging point installation opportunities.

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